23 May 2009

São Paulo 360 - as seen from Predio Italia

Predio Italia is one of the buildings in town with a top deck (and a very expensive restaurant) where the city can be viewed from the top. Let me take you on a little tour. The day I went there was a Sunday with a quite clear sky (São Paulo standard) - what you see is the ever present fog created by it's 20 million inhabitants. Check out the little pool on the foot of that sylindric skyskraper. Many buildings have in town have pools on the roofs for it's inhabitants.
The wave-shaped apartment building occupying most of the photo above is Oscar Niemeyer's Copan building. It is the largest concrete stucture in town. I've been told Oscar Niemeyer is the architect in the world to have produced most buildings. São Paulo is certainly full of them.

On the two photos above is Praça da Republica, one of the central squares. Every Sunday, as on every other free lot in town, there's a marked. On this particular marked you can find artesanals as well as a corner for food, mainly maritime. Other markeds have fresh vegetables, antiques etc.
City, city, city...

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