26 May 2009

The public space is a private space

Here in São Paulo the municipality is not responsible one for the condition of the sidewalks, every house or building, private or public, is in charge of the sidewalk next to its own terrain. They are the ones contructing it, choosing materials and shaping it and the responsible ones for cleaning it and keeping it in shape. This results in strange pedestrian routes ever changing in colour and materials. The sidewalks of this one street in my neighbourhood, Rua Azevedo Carlos, has been formed by the inhabitants to such a degree that I normally walk on the road itself because one must pay a lot of attention when walking on the sidewalk that suddenly turns into stairs and slopes.

Sidewalk adapted for entering the garages.

Stairs and slopes.

This part of the sidewalk needs reform.

I like this little house on the photo above, also found in Rua A. Carlos. It is nearly invicible behind a small forest of palm trees. The fence of the house is low and shows age, different from most houses in the city which are protected by high iron fences or concrete walls. I like the old red car that is parked in the front patio.

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