09 March 2009

The big cities

Big cities have a certain smell. Absence from them makes me forget. But then, on the first morning in the big city, standing on the balcony before breakfast, there it is again. It's a mix of smog and people and construction, air and humidity. I'm reminded of New York and Bangkok and New Delhi, and with them a world of memories of past experiences. And I miss a magic jar to collect the smells of the big city.

This first picture is from the balcony of the apartment of a friend where I stayed the first week. San Paulo extends to infinity in all directions. It has 11 million people in the centre of town, and San Paulo metropolitan area is third largest in the world with more than 20 million people.

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  1. doing okay in brazil? i work as a teacher in oslo, returning to studies this fall.

    nice blog, thanks for sharing these texts with us.

    i like the idea of capturing air :)